periodic table 4This week on a forum someone asked the question with which famous person you would like to drink a beer. In an impulse I answered that I would like to do that with the neurologist Oliver Sacks.

I read several of his books (intrigued by titles like ‘The man who mistakes his wife for a hat’ or something like that) and saw him interviewing a man with ‘Gilles de la Tourette’ once.

And I think I never saw anyone as open minded as him. Very much amazed by the human brain and always curious how fantastic that all works. Read the rest of this entry »


I just love blogging

August 2, 2009

laptopI love to blog. It is something that is becoming more and more clear to myself. And I keep being surprised about that. And keep wondering what it is that I love so much about it. I never liked to write before, so why do I now.

But I also never liked to read and to study, until that all changed some years ago. From someone that would not read a book if it was not filled with pictures, graphics or photo’s, I changed into someone that could not stop reading. Read the rest of this entry »

eagleWas I writing about being distracted by interesting websites yesterday, right afterwards I got distracted again. But now by interacting.

Interacting on forums, but also in comments on weblogs. Not just reading as I normally do, but also writing. Starting discussions, leaving comments and react on what others say.

So it made me wonder why I do not do that more often. A while ago I interacted a lot on Gaia, where I visited forums and also had a blog. And there the interaction was quite easy and also very interesting. But then I got totally distracted when I started a new weblog. Read the rest of this entry »