Impersonal Subjective

August 14, 2009


Was the post of yesterday, writing with flow, ready in about five minutes, today it took me a whole lot longer. Acutally it is almost midnight and I still have nothing on paper that flows.

But that does not mean that I find the subject I wanted to write about not interesting. In fact I find it very interesting and can hardly stop thinking about it today. Maybe it is something that has been talked about often already, but to me it was very clarifying. Read the rest of this entry »


periodic table 4This week on a forum someone asked the question with which famous person you would like to drink a beer. In an impulse I answered that I would like to do that with the neurologist Oliver Sacks.

I read several of his books (intrigued by titles like ‘The man who mistakes his wife for a hat’ or something like that) and saw him interviewing a man with ‘Gilles de la Tourette’ once.

And I think I never saw anyone as open minded as him.┬áVery much amazed by the human brain and always curious how fantastic that all works. Read the rest of this entry »