mirror aInstead of going through the whole human development in a chronological way, I much more like to describe whatever comes into my mind. And at the moment it is reflection.

I will try to analyse the word reflection that is used here for the astological sign libra.

It is above the horizon, the first concept that is beyond the personal. Here the individual is getting relationships that are based upon individuality.

In its pure form there is no claiming (cancer), no need for attention (leo), or being overly critical (virgo). Read the rest of this entry »


spiral 2Okay, so the words that I want to use in the context of this blog are clear now, defined in my previous post. The next step is to describe my understanding of development.

Development as a growth in complexity that can be seen everywhere around us and which is perfectly reflected in the cycle of the zodiac.

Now the words and concepts that I want to use here are especially chosen for the human development. Read the rest of this entry »

Developing Ego

July 31, 2009

egoWhat I like most about the zodiac is that it shows a development in a development. Every sign can be seen at every level. And I think life, as it is an ongoing proces, goes through al stages all the time. But that does not mean that all goes smoothly and without problems. There are that do, but there are several that are difficult to transform.

The signs can be used for every development in nature, but here I like to focus on the human development. And the zodiac as a whole can be used as a model for all stages of age. I want to do that in another post, but here I want to focus on a very important part of the development, the development of the ego. Read the rest of this entry »

Cycle of Life

July 30, 2009

(I changed the definitions ‘individual’ and ‘universal’ in the four quadrants into ‘personal’ and ‘impersonal’ in my later posts. The reason is here)



1. Impulsion (aries)

New beginnings, the start of new cycles, birth, vitality. Aggressive, willful, assertive. Focused in short bursts, unlikely to sustain interest in the long term. Adventurous, pioneering, warrior-type energy, impatient, works best alone. Unconcerned with approval or acceptance. Lacks persistence and stamina. Honest and forthright. Read the rest of this entry »

1So the theories I want to compare, are ‘integral theory’ and ‘the zodiac’. Although the words can be used different from how I mean them, most will agree in very general that both have the potential to cover ‘everything’.

The zodiac divides the whole in 12 and integral theory, in its very basic form, in 4. But the zodiac can also be brought back to a very basic form of 4. The very core of the zodiac are the 4 elements, fire, water, air and earth.

But their essence is not the same as the 4 quadrants of integral theory. Read the rest of this entry »