Impulsive Writing

July 23, 2009

GlobeI have just been reading some tips from very good topbloggers that blog about blogging. That is a whole lot of blog in one line, but I can’t help it, I am totally fascinated by the subject at the moment.

A few months back I joined the ’31 days to build a better blog’ from Problogger. But it was just before I was leaving home for a few months. That was set at the end of April, so I thought I still could join the course. Read the rest of this entry »


Visualising Thoughts

July 20, 2009

developmentalsAlthough I am no writer (it takes forever to find the right words) I totally love blogging. For me it is more or less a registration of where I am fascinated about at that moment.

I have several blogs and I found out that my main interest is in human development. And that is what I want to write about for a month, hopefully supported by some images (trying out paint programmes) to express my thoughts better. Read the rest of this entry »