(What I want to compare on this blog and how I will try to do it).


The main subject of my thoughts these last years was about human development. I always found that a most interesting subject, but for a while now it has become more concrete. I studied homeopathy and astrology very intense and have been reading a lot from Ken Wilber recently.

Well, that is to say not his books (although I read some of them partly years ago), but online on discussion forums, blogs and critics of his thinking. And I was fascinated to see the enormous similarity with astrology.

I saw the similarity with astrology already with homeopathy and I have been working on that for years now. Not the normal homeopathy so much, but more the homeopathy that uses all elements of the Periodic table.

And not the popular astrology so much, but more the archetypical character of the Zodiac. They both are very similar although it is not so visable on a superficial level, and needs a broader perspective.

So I found that perspective in the works of Ken Wilber. And I want to use that in combination with what I have been working on before. But to do so I desperately need to be able to use graphics.

I managed to get a Zodiac done before, which can be used as a model. But I could not use it the way I want enough, because I did not know how to drag and change things. But I am getting better at it now. Finally!

(First attempt to use words from both theories that I can work with).


For now I can opload some graphics and start with what I wanted to do on the first place on this blog. Which was to combine elements of the work of Ken Wilber with the elements of the Zodiac.

Years ago I read one of Wilbers books and was really fascinated by it. After that I did not read much about him anymore, (kind of thought that was his only book or his last one) until I came on Gaia, an online community with a lot of people that are interested in his work.

From then on I have been reading  a lot of his ideas and discussions about them. And the more I read, the more I saw the similarity with the Zodiac.

But when I wanted to really compare them, I got into a lot of trouble. If I keep the normal charcter of the two theories, they do not match.

So I tried to look at them a bit different. Keeping them as pure as possible in order to be not to confusing. But some things had to be adjusted in order to make any sense.

I have been thinking, trying, altering and searching a lot and finally found a solution. That is, one I am satisfied with at this point.

I use the form of the Zodiac in a way it fits into four squares. Those four squares are the core of Wilbers work and he calls them AQAL, All Quadrants All Levels.

When reading the characteristics of those quadrants, it immediately struck me how similar they are to the essense of the Zodiac. But I had to turn the system upside down to make it fit.

So I could not use the words UL, UR, LL, LR (Upper Left etc) that he uses, but I will stick for now with Collective/Individual and Interior/Exterior.

But it all needs some adjustments to the normal way the Zodiac is seen. Some descriptions I use are ancient, some are archetypical, some are commonly used and some things are just in my opinion.

I will go into that in another blogpost where I start with my understanding of each sign.

(I changed defenitions in a more recent blogpost: Core definitons of the whole)

(Altering certain words because both theories use the same words for a slightly different concept).

1So the theories I want to compare, are ‘integral theory’ and ‘the zodiac’. Although the words can be used different from how I mean them, most will agree in very general that both have the potential to cover ‘everything’.

The zodiac divides the whole in 12 and integral theory, in its very basic form, in 4. But the zodiac can also be brought back to a very basic form of 4. The very core of the zodiac are the 4 elements, fire, water, air and earth.

But their essence is not the same as the 4 quadrants of integral theory.

Those quadrants say something about internal or external and individual or collective. Those also play a role in the zodiac and I have been looking at how it is done mostly, how that would compare with integral theory. But somehow that did not match.

So I had to look at it in another way. And divided the zodiac in 3 stages of development: primordial, individual and universal. And fire, earth, air and water I called spirit, body, mind and soul.

But if I would stick to those definitions, I get into trouble with integral theory, as words like individual are used different. So at this point I have to make it as abstract as possible. And I will just use the words: individual/universal and subjective/objective.

So then there would be 4 basic elements counterclockwise:
objective individual – subjective individual – subjective universal – objective universal.

For integral theory that would mean the following:
objective individual = exterior individual – objective – it – behavioral
subjective individual = interior individual – subjective – i – intentional
subjective universal = interior collective – intersubjective – we – cultural
objective universal = exterior collective – interobjective – its – social

For the zodiac that would mean:
objective individual =  aries, taurus, gemini
subjective individual: cancer, leo, virgo
subjective universal: libra, scorpio, sagittarius
objective universal: capricorn, aquarius, pisces

And I will use the following words where spirit and soul are transitions between the 3 different stages of development:

1. Impulsion = objective individual spirit
2. Manifestation = objective individual body
3. Interaction = objective individual mind

4. Emotion = subjective individual soul
5. Expression = subjective individual spirit
6. Function = subjective individual body

7. Reflection = subjective universal mind
8. Integration = subjective universal soul
9. Vision = subjective universal spirit

10. Construction = objective universal body
11. Invention = objective universal mind

12. Compassion = objective universal soul

(The concepts ‘individual’ and ‘universal’ changed again, see later post: Trying to understand each other)

(My (current) best choice of words that can compare Integral theory and the Zodiac).

0aMore and more I find out how important it is to get the names right for each concept I want to write about. But the problem is that often a word has different meanings for each individual.

There is the difficulty of writing in another language, but even if you speak the same language, at times there is still a huge gap in understanding each other.

And for comparing two systems, in my case Integral theory and the Zodiac, it seems even more complicated. Every time I think I can use a certain word in a certain way, something does not fit anymore.

So yesterday I decided to get some concepts on one page to be able to have an overview and adjust some words if that is needed. It is the follow up as I see it at this point and the words that I chose are only to be able to differentiate and to have tools to actually write blogposts.

So at this point I have several words to work with. Some come from integral theory, some are from astrology. Some are generally agreed upon concepts and words, while others need adjusting in order to get my writing clear.

Basic concepts
In some cases both theories used the same words for slightly different concepts, so I had to reorganise it a bit to get the puzzle done. And as it seems I can use now the following words:

Potential, structure, active, passive.

Spirit, soul, body, mind.

Primordial, individual, universal.

Objective, subjective, personal, impersonal.

Impulsion, manifestation, interaction, emotion, expression, function, reflection, integration, vision, construction, invention, compassion.


(The Integral concept is upside down, the reason for that is in the post AQAL and Zodiac).


(My latest attempt where I turn the model again. Now it is the same as in Integral and now the Zodiac is upside down. I used the words ‘Inside’ and ‘Outside’ instead of ‘Subjective’ and ‘Objective’. And instead of ‘Impersonal’ I now use again the Integral term ‘Collective’. For the Integral term ‘Individual’ I had to use ‘Personal’ to differentiate it from the ‘Individual’ that is used together with ‘Primodial’ and ‘Universal’ in the Zodiac).


Integral concepts: Collective – Personal – Inside – Outside / I – We – It – Its.

Zodiac concepts: Primordial – Individual – Universal / Spirit – Body – Mind – Soul.

Individual Outside: IT

1. Primordial spirit: ACTION (aries)

2. Primordial body: MANIFESTATION (taurus)

3. Primordial mind: INTERACTION (gemini)

Individual Inside: I

4. Primordial soul: EMOTION (cancer)

5. Individual spirit: EXPRESSION (leo)

6. Individual body: FUNCION (virgo)

Collective Inside: WE

7. Individual mind: REFLECTION (libra)

8. Individual soul: INTEGRATION (scorpio)

9. Universal spirit: VISION (sagittarius)

Collective Outside: ITS

10. Universal body: CONSTRUCTION (capricorn)

11. Universal mind: INVENTION (aquarius)

12. Universal soul:  COMPASSION (pisces)


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