zodiac3Now that I have finally come to the point that I can compare two theories, I find out how difficult it is to use the right words. Not that I did not know that already, (that is why I am trying to make the graphics) but still it has to be given the form of words too. The best would be to give them my own words, but that is not easy.

The biggest problem is that I might not use the ‘right words’. But then again if I do use the right words, it becomes a dictionary or a glossary. And I do not have to write that, as there are others that are far more capable of doing that. But in any way it is a good start using the right words. So to start I looked up AQAL in a special Integral glossery. Read the rest of this entry »


Visualising Thoughts

July 20, 2009

developmentalsAlthough I am no writer (it takes forever to find the right words) I totally love blogging. For me it is more or less a registration of where I am fascinated about at that moment.

I have several blogs and I found out that my main interest is in human development. And that is what I want to write about for a month, hopefully supported by some images (trying out paint programmes) to express my thoughts better. Read the rest of this entry »


July 17, 2009

7dWhat is on my mind, is something that is on my mind for years now. It is something I read a few years ago in a book by a Dutch writer, George Bode. His thinking is mainly based on the thoughts of a French philosopher, Jean Carteret. As far as I know, nothing is written on paper by Carteret, but Bode wrote a book called: ‘Het poetische denken van Jean Carteret’. A book in which Bode tries to give an impression of the thought process of Carteret.

Deeply hidden in that book was the following (English translation of the Dutch writings of a French thoughtprocess, so something might get lost here): Read the rest of this entry »