0aMore and more I find out how important it is to get the names right for each concept I want to write about. But the problem is that often a word has different meanings for each individual.

There is the difficulty of writing in another language, but even if you speak the same language, at times there is still a huge gap in understanding each other.

And for comparing two systems, in my case Integral theory and the Zodiac, it seems even more complicated. Every time I think I can use a certain word in a certain way, something does not fit anymore. Read the rest of this entry »


1So the theories I want to compare, are ‘integral theory’ and ‘the zodiac’. Although the words can be used different from how I mean them, most will agree in very general that both have the potential to cover ‘everything’.

The zodiac divides the whole in 12 and integral theory, in its very basic form, in 4. But the zodiac can also be brought back to a very basic form of 4. The very core of the zodiac are the 4 elements, fire, water, air and earth.

But their essence is not the same as the 4 quadrants of integral theory. Read the rest of this entry »

AQAL and Zodiac

July 28, 2009

3aSo, I finally got to make the first graphic with more than one layer. Did that take a long time to find out how to do that.

Well, I got to make it already before, but when I saved it in a map I could not find that map if I wanted to upload it on my blog. Talking about frustration, I was completely puzzled.

And as long as I used just one layer, there also was no problem and I could upload it to my blog easy. But to be able to use text, I need more then one layer. Read the rest of this entry »

163So, I am starting to like writing, and trying to do it daily now. But I can not start yet so much with what I intended for this blog. I wanted to use little graphics to go with the posts so that I can make myself more clear.

The main subject of my thoughts these last years was about human development. I always found that a most interesting subject, but for a while now it has become more concrete. I studied homeopathy and astrology very intense and have been reading a lot from Ken Wilber recently. Read the rest of this entry »