Defining Art

August 12, 2009

SciencesThese last days I have been discussing art as a result of several previous posts. The first of those post was The Judgement of Art where I mainly try to understand what the philosophy of Adorno is saying.

Then in the second post, The Subject of Beauty, I try to place art in the system I am trying to develop about the similarity between Integral theory and the Zodiac and in my last post about it, Aesthetic theory, I try to analyse art to see what it is and what it is not, using words based on my own understanding.

So now I am trying to find the place it has in Integral theory and the Zodiac (most recent post on that theory is Trying to understand each other) to see what can be a definition that is broad enough to cover art and precise enough to differ it from other parts of life. Read the rest of this entry »


Aesthetic Theory

August 9, 2009

concept6aStill very intrigued by the vision of the philosopher Adorno about art and beauty in his Aesthetic theory, I went searching further to what others had to say about that.

And I found an interesting article here, which was very interesting. I had very much trouble reading what it was exactly saying, but somehow I got the feeling it did express what I had been thinking about. Read the rest of this entry »

The Subject of Beauty

August 8, 2009

gogh4aAfter doing my blogpost yesterday, something got more clear to me. When I was writing the synopsis of the sign libra, and looked at the place it gets in my theorising about the similarity between the Zodiac and Integral theory, two things occurred to me.

The first was about an earlier blogpost where I mentioned the theory of Adorno, that opposes the opinion of Kant who says that beauty is subjective. Read the rest of this entry »

The Judgement of Art

August 3, 2009

bToday I did not get to blog what I had planned. I read a discussion about art which got my attention. The titel was: Is the judgement of art a subjective thing? And that is something I had been thinking about a lot lately.

I also had discussed that on a music forum a while ago and someone there pointed me to the work of a philosopher called Adorno. I had never heard of him but he seems to talk about Aesthetics. Read the rest of this entry »