Multiple Account Personality

August 18, 2009

accountToday I have been struggling around with online accounts. I thought I had enough already, several blogs, several twitteraccounts, even more email addresses, accounts on forums, on Youtube, Gaia, BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog, Technorati, and I think there is much more.

But still that was not enough to leave a comment on a Blogger weblog. I had tried that more often, but always failed. So now I thought to handle it directly and looked what the different accounts are that let you leave a comment on those blogs.

There were several possibilities. There were accounts that were linked to blogging platforms. One of them, WordPress, would be no problem as I have my own account there. But I did not want to use my account name, I wanted to use my own name. And it seems that it does not work like that. And leaving a comment with Gravatar was not possible.

Well, I thought okay lets make an account that I can use every time I want to comment on those blogs in the future. So I tried some different ones, like AIM and another but somehow got stuck.

Then the next was Google, I signed up for an account, had a picture, left my weblog and thought it should work. But it did not and the comment did not get through. But I could get the page back and get a preview. But when I clicked on the link it brought me to an aboutpage of Blogger, which said there was no such account. No I don’t, but I already know that myself. I did make a Google account but that was not shown. So somehow I think the Google account was meant to be a Blogger account.

And that are only the problems on Blogger. On other blogs where I want to comment you can sometimes use Gravitar or Twitter, but not always and then I need Disqus or something like that. Which I think I have an account from, but actually I am not sure anymore.

I wish there was one, just one online profile to make with one password and one picture that I could use whenever I want to do whatever I want. Make blogs, participate on forums, leave comments and so on. Because by now I have about a million passwords and accountnames that I can hardly remember.

But maybe it is good for memory training and one account and password would also be rather dangerous I guess. So I struggle on and try to remember which password goes with which account.


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