Objective and Subjective Spirit

August 17, 2009

spiritWhat gave the most problems with yesterday’s post, was to see the spirit as objective. But that was mainly because I only used 4 signs in that model.

If I take all the signs, there are 3 fire signs that I can call spirit.

The one I called yesterday ‘objective personal spirit’ in my version of Integral theory, was called ‘primordial spirit’ in my previous mentioning of Zodiac models.

There are three different signs that can be called spirit: Impulsion, Expression and Vision (resp. aries, leo and sagittarius)

Impulsion (aries) is the first fire sign which is just that, an impuls nothing coordinated or intentional. That is different from the second fire sign Expression (leo)which is the discovery of the indiviual self that has to be expressed. And finally the third fire sign Vision (sagittarius) is the ego that finds out there is a world beyond his own individual self.

Impulsion (aries) = primordial spirit / objective personal spirit

Expression (leo) = individual spirit / subjective personal spirit

Vision (sagittarius) = universal spirit / subjective impersonal spirit

So that means there is one that can be seen as objective (Impulsion) and two that can be seen as subjective (Expression and Vision). And there are two that can be seen as personal (Impulsion and Expression) and one that can be seen as impersonal (Vision).

(In my post Trying to understand each other, I write how and why I use the Integral terms ‘objective, subjective, personal and impersonal’ and the Zodiac terms ‘primordial, individual and universal’).


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