Impersonal Subjective

August 14, 2009


Was the post of yesterday, writing with flow, ready in about five minutes, today it took me a whole lot longer. Acutally it is almost midnight and I still have nothing on paper that flows.

But that does not mean that I find the subject I wanted to write about not interesting. In fact I find it very interesting and can hardly stop thinking about it today. Maybe it is something that has been talked about often already, but to me it was very clarifying.

While talking about flow in writings on a forum yesterday, there were many reactions that were really interesting. One of them was about the difference between writing a personal essay, writing an interview and writing a review, where the review appeared to be the hardest to do.

At first I thought, okay but why is that so difficult. Is it like with all other subjects that you can write about, what is difficult for one is easy for another, and of course the other way around?

Or is it difficult for another reason?

And the more I think about it, the more I indeed think it is difficult for another reason.

So I tried to visualise what I think the differences are. And for that I used my adjusted model of Integral theory.

And if I would have to differentiate the three writings I would come up with the following:

– Personal: personal subjective
– Interview: personal objective
– Review: impersonal subjective

So what is missing here, is the impersonal objective.

But that is easy to see. That is what in general is all the writing about ‘the world’ in general. History, science, everything you learn at school actually. Most of that is written in an impersonal objective way.

And opposed to that, at the other side, is the personal writing. Which can be about personal feelings, about children, family. But also about personal achievements or passions.

But in between there is something else. And that is writing about other people.

Which can be done of course in many different ways, but in essence I think there are two basic groups: that what can be observed and giving your own opinion.

The first I will call personal objective. It can be an interview with the person, or making pictures and let those do the story. Or others tell you something and you use that.

But the second basic group is what I wanted to write about actually (so many words further and I still did not get to the point), which I will call here: impersonal subjective.

And that is the group that is about the ‘review’. Writing about another person. About the achievements of another person and give your own vision about that.

And I think that is the most difficult thing to do. Well, that is if you want to do that with respect and without projecting. I think that only can be done if indeed you did form an honest opinion and doing that after getting your own ego out of the way.

Which is maybe even a more interesting subject for a blogpost. But now I have to post this one, it is almost midnight and the NaBloPoMo challenge is not over yet. So I will just press publish now!


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