Defining Art

August 12, 2009

SciencesThese last days I have been discussing art as a result of several previous posts. The first of those post was The Judgement of Art where I mainly try to understand what the philosophy of Adorno is saying.

Then in the second post, The Subject of Beauty, I try to place art in the system I am trying to develop about the similarity between Integral theory and the Zodiac and in my last post about it, Aesthetic theory, I try to analyse art to see what it is and what it is not, using words based on my own understanding.

So now I am trying to find the place it has in Integral theory and the Zodiac (most recent post on that theory is Trying to understand each other) to see what can be a definition that is broad enough to cover art and precise enough to differ it from other parts of life.

I saw an essay about Integral with a graphic where the sciences all have a place in the four quadrants. I did not read the whole essay yet because it was about Integral and Religion and my interest at this point is in the connection with art.

But I did take all the words that were used there, just to see how they fit.

In the objective personal area are physics, chemistry, cognitive, molecular biology, botany, neurology and behaviourism.

All those share the basics of being objective measurements of reality. What is also measurable is in the column objective impersonal. Those are astronomy, geology, ecology, environmental, political, economics, sociology and linguistics.  I am not sure yet what the differences are exactly, but at this point I just leave it at that.

In the subjective personal column are developmental psychology, developmental structuralism and interior phenomenology. And in the subjective impersonal column are ethnomethodology, anthropology and cultural studies.

At this point I do not have a clear understanding of each word that is used here, so I will look those all up to see why each might be in the column they are in. That will be my next goal, before I look at where art fits in best.


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