Hello World

August 11, 2009

sunriseYeah, I did it! This morning I thought to try to get my new weblog working. I wanted to wait a bit at first because by now I know myself and once I start the new blog I can not stop anymore. But I had to find out if I could get it working.

When I searched for a domainname and a host for my blog, I had the choice between several webhosts. My main interest, of course, had one that said to be one click and all done. I like that a lot.

But that would be more expensive that using the webhost that I already had, it was a cheap but good one. I have a website there that I set up some years ago and which was a real good learning experience.

And after that I managed to get another blog hosted there. So I thought I could do it again now and already got the new name and login information by email.

So okay, I had a look to see how far I would get. First to the WordPress.org page to download the blog. You get very confident if you see it at first. Five minute installprocess.

Well, if you add it all together it is more like a five HOUR installprocess. That is, to me it is. It was becoming clear to me very soon again, when I read instructions, especially so many and looking so complicated, I get totally frustrated and simply get stuck.

Others may find it very easy but not me. So what now. I wished I had taken the one step hoster, but he, I didn’t. Deal with it!

Now this was the situation and I could choose to wait and start all that another time. But then I would be thinking all the time that I could not get it done. So I continued.

Then I remembered a video I watched when I started with my previous selfhosted blog. I was a free to watch series of ten or so videos that show you step by step how to set up a blog. But what was it called again!

I could not remember at first, but with a little searching on Google I found it again (I must have favoured it too, but had no idea where, so looking on Google is faster) and started straight on with video 4, how to install WordPress. The previous steps of a domainname and a webhost I did already so I could start the installing.

When I watched the video it all came back again. And having done every step before made it a bit easier and more comfortable this time. But still, not exactly a 5 minute process. I started at 7 this morning and now, 3 hours later, all I have is the default page, so nothing more than I would also have had if I opened a WordPress.com blog. But the main difference is that this really is my blog, ‘mindstructures.com’, instead of ‘mindstructures.wordpress.com’.

Which has all the potential to become what ever I want it to be (being overly positive, there will be many setbacks, I am sure) and I really love that phase. So at this point I leave it at that. Because if I would go any step further I know that I can not be stopped again and will be busy searching templates, mixing colours, finding plugins, discover widgets, making layouts until deep at night.

So for now, I love the bleu colour of the default page and the text that says: Hello World!


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