Selfhosting a Blog

August 10, 2009

templates6As I said before, I just love blogging. I love the instant character of it, the fact that I can easy upload pictures and videos, the linking to other sites, meeting people all over the world and having a place of my own to structure my mind.

I have several blogs by now, and although I mainly focus just on the newest one, I still adjust all the others to make them better to navigate. And at the same time I get to know more and more about blogging.

I use WordPress and most of my blogs are also hosted there, although I have one blog that is selfhosted. It was a lot of work, and a whole lot to learn, but very exciting to do.

This last blog I did not selfhost, because I wanted to focus on writing more consistent. And at the same time I was looking for a way to make graphics that I could use on my blog easy.

Both did work rather well so far. Although my month of blogging every day is not over yet, and I have A LOT to learn still about Paintnet to make the graphics, I did start another WordPress blog with the intention of selfhosting.

At first I was just looking around, thinking what domain name I would use. I thought of many but could not yet decide which one. I looked at Twitter, where I have already several accounts, some of them go together with my blogs, and tried out some names to see if they where available.

Not easy as many are already taken. And at the same time I then had to open another emailaccount that I could use for that Twitter account. So I was experimenting at the same time by Google mail.

Then I found a name I could use by both and created the accounts. I thought I might as well look at the same time for a host and new domainname. The other blog I have I stored by the same webhost I have for a website I made a while ago, and although I often have no idea what I am doing, it works well so far.

So I started the procedure there to search for a new domain name, to see if that would be possible.

But it was not, the name I came up with was already taken.

So the searching began! Wow, did I try many names and everytime it said it was already taken. But then finally after a long time (well it seemed long anyway) I got one that I could use.

Although it was not really my intent to already start that weblog (want to focus on writing still, before I get totally overwhelmed by the structure of the weblog again) the more I thought about it the more I liked the name and I did not want to risk that it would be gone when I actually wanted to start the weblog, so I signed up immediately.

So as of now I can start building a whole new weblog. Using all the possibilities of WordPress and think again about templates, colours, widgets, plugins and what more.

And I really, really love all that.


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