The Subject of Beauty

August 8, 2009

gogh4aAfter doing my blogpost yesterday, something got more clear to me. When I was writing the synopsis of the sign libra, and looked at the place it gets in my theorising about the similarity between the Zodiac and Integral theory, two things occurred to me.

The first was about an earlier blogpost where I mentioned the theory of Adorno, that opposes the opinion of Kant who says that beauty is subjective.

And the second thing that occured to me, was that it means that art, in a way, is a mental thing. An exhange of ideas. It is the emotion (cancer) expressed in an individual way (leo) which gets better by much practise (virgo).

But as long as you keep it to yourself, not show it to the world, hide it on a shelf, is it still art?

Or if an artist is making something that no one is interested in, which also ends up on a shelf, but years later, when that person long died, is found and gets valuable. Was it art then all along, or did it become that only when it was understood by others, if others ‘got it’.

So I definitely think there is something in it, if Adorno says that ‘beauty mediates between subject and object and is contained in the cognitive or truth-content of works of art’.

The consequence of art falling under libra in astrology is that, in my arrangements, it falls in the impersonal subjective part.

There is a subjective part that is personal (cancer, leo, virgo), but there is also a subjective part that is not personal. So there it is the difference between personal subjective and impersonal subjective.

Which could indeed visualise what Adorno is talking about, a mediating between subject and object.

So it is part of the subjective side, together with cancer, leo and virgo (personal subjective) as with scorpio and sagittarius (impersonal subjective).

But it differs from the 2 other impersonal subjective parts, because libra is the mind in that part, as scorpio is the soul and sagittarius the spirit.

impersonal subjectivereflection


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