Between Ignorance and Projection

August 7, 2009

mirror aInstead of going through the whole human development in a chronological way, I much more like to describe whatever comes into my mind. And at the moment it is reflection.

I will try to analyse the word reflection that is used here for the astological sign libra.

It is above the horizon, the first concept that is beyond the personal. Here the individual is getting relationships that are based upon individuality.

In its pure form there is no claiming (cancer), no need for attention (leo), or being overly critical (virgo).

But although reflection is the pure form, it does also have the polarity of projecting and ignorance. Projecting on others of characteristics the individual does not identify itself with.

Or ignorance if the individual wants to have a constant peaceful relationship with others.

Where projecting is the active form, is ignorance the passive form with reflection as the healthy middleground.

Individual entering into relationship with others, partnership. One-to-one relationships. Meeting others as an equal, interdependency. Encountering repressed part of yourself through others. Going beyond ego boundaries. Peace, harmony, balance, social awareness. Learning how to get along with others, treating others as equals. Art, beauty, harmonious surroundings, distressed by inharmonious interactions. Dialogue, debate, justice.

It is the individual mind  that differs from the primordial mind (gemini) that is curious, clever and rational.

And it is also different from the universal mind (aquarius) which is progressive, farsighted and inventive.

Libra is about reflecting the individual self.

Other mental images from libra are art, balance and beauty. So one way to reflect is with art, which is a way to communicate the individual expression.

Reflection = libra

Polarity: projecting – ignorance

Zodiac: individual mind

Integral: subjective impersonal


Basic concepts here


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