Trying to understand each other

August 5, 2009

0aMore and more I find out how important it is to get the names right for each concept I want to write about. But the problem is that often a word has different meanings for each individual.

There is the difficulty of writing in another language, but even if you speak the same language, at times there is still a huge gap in understanding each other.

And for comparing two systems, in my case Integral theory and the Zodiac, it seems even more complicated. Every time I think I can use a certain word in a certain way, something does not fit anymore.

So yesterday I decided to get some concepts on one page to be able to have an overview and adjust some words if that is needed. It is the follow up as I see it at this point and the words that I chose are only to be able to differentiate and to have tools to actually write blogposts.

So at this point I have several words to work with. Some come from integral theory, some are from astrology. Some are generally agreed upon concepts and words, while others need adjusting in order to get my writing clear.

Basic concepts
In some cases both theories used the same words for slightly different concepts, so I had to reorganise it a bit to get the puzzle done. And as it seems I can use now the following words:

Potential, structure, active, passive.

Spirit, soul, body, mind.

Primordial, individual, universal.

Objective, subjective, personal, impersonal.

Impulsion, manifestation, interaction, emotion, expression, function, reflection, integration, vision, construction, invention, compassion.


(The Integral concept is upside down, the reason for that is here)

1. Impulsion = primordial spirit
2. Manifestation = primordial body
3. Interaction = primordial mind

4. Emotion = primordial soul
5. Expression = individual spirit
6. Function = individual body

7. Reflection = individual mind
8. Integration = individual soul
9. Vision = universal spirit

10. Construction = universal body
11. Invention = universal mind

12. Compassion = universal soul

Integral, Zodiac and Graphics
What I want to compare on this blog and how I will try to do it.

AQAL and Zodiac
First attempt to use words from both theories that I can work with.

Core definitions of the whole
Altering certain words because both theories use the same words for a slightly different concept.

Trying to understand each other
My (current) best choice of words that can compare Integral theory and the Zodiac.


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