Drinking a beer with Oliver Sacks

August 4, 2009

periodic table 4This week on a forum someone asked the question with which famous person you would like to drink a beer. In an impulse I answered that I would like to do that with the neurologist Oliver Sacks.

I read several of his books (intrigued by titles like ‘The man who mistakes his wife for a hat’ or something like that) and saw him interviewing a man with ‘Gilles de la Tourette’ once.

And I think I never saw anyone as open minded as him. Very much amazed by the human brain and always curious how fantastic that all works.

Or not works, which was even more interesting for him, as it seems.

Later on I read his book ‘Uncle Tungsten’ where he wrote that he did many chemical experiments when he was a child, just trying things out.

But what struck me most was that he always had a paper of the periodic table on his pocket, because it made him feel he always had the whole world with him.

So yes, just talking with him about what ever comes up would be great, I guess.

Now as I was thinking what he had been doing then the last few years (is some time ago that I read his latest book) I did a search on Twitter and found an interview with him where he was asked 6 questions about his book ‘Musicophilia’.

I did not read the interview yet or the book, but was surprised by the synchronicity of all that. Because I find the relationship with the brain, the mind and especially with music fascinating.

And just as the blogpost yesterday about the objectivity of art, it all belongs to what I want to write about on this blog. So it will be very interesting to read what he has discovered about all that.

beer2And even one more reason to drink a beer with him then!


2 Responses to “Drinking a beer with Oliver Sacks”

  1. Michele Says:


    Just found your blog. What a great choice for someone to have a conversation with. I love Oliver Sacks’ writing and insights.

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