AQAL and Zodiac

July 28, 2009

3aSo, I finally got to make the first graphic with more than one layer. Did that take a long time to find out how to do that.

Well, I got to make it already before, but when I saved it in a map I could not find that map if I wanted to upload it on my blog. Talking about frustration, I was completely puzzled.

And as long as I used just one layer, there also was no problem and I could upload it to my blog easy. But to be able to use text, I need more then one layer.

I was working with Paintnet, so I searched on their forum to find how that could be possible. At first I could not find anything because, although it is a really good and informative forum, it also is one where the development of the program seems to progress a lot still. So there was no clear A-Z manual (that I could find) or something like that.

And until the point that I was going to ask it on the forum, I found the answer. Not that I do not want to ask a question, but it might take a while before you get the answer and I always want the solution NOW (but in reality it often takes much longer).

So I found it and it was rather simple. When I saved the graphic on my computer, it is default saved as paintnet file, which can contain more that one layer. But in order to upload it to my blog it has to be a PNG or something, and such a file can not contain more than one layer.

So I had to convert it into a PNG file. But before I can do that, I  have to flatten the graphic. Which is very easy to do…once you know how to do it!

But okay, so far so good. I am extremely happy that it worked. Now I can make the blocks, I can colour them, I can add text and most importantly I can move the text around. I do not know yet how to make the text vertical, but I decided not to be bothered by that at this point. Maybe I find that out by accident later. Or else I might ask it, if it takes to long.

Integral Theory
For now I can opload some graphics and start with what I wanted to do on the first place on this blog. Which was to combine elements of the work of Ken Wilber with the elements of the Zodiac.

Years ago I read one of Wilbers books and was really fascinated by it. After that I did not read much about him anymore, (kind of thought that was his only book or his last one) until I came on Gaia, an online community with a lot of people that are interested in his work.

From then on I have been reading  a lot of his ideas and discussions about them. And the more I read, the more I saw the similarity with the Zodiac.

But when I wanted to really compare them, I got into a lot of trouble. If I keep the normal charcter of the two theories, they do not match.

So I tried to look at them a bit different. Keeping them as pure as possible in order to be not to confusing. But some things had to be adjusted in order to make any sense.

I have been thinking, trying, altering and searching a lot and finally found a solution. That is, one I am satisfied with at this point.

I use the form of the Zodiac in a way it fits into four squares. Those four squares are the core of Wilbers work and he calls them AQAL, All Quadrants All Levels.

When reading the characteristics of those quadrants, it immediately struck me how similar they are to the essense of the Zodiac. But I had to turn the system upside down to make it fit.

So I could not use the words UL, UR, LL, LR (Upper Left etc) that he uses, but I will stick for now with Collective/Individual and Interior/Exterior.

But it all needs some adjustments to the normal way the Zodiac is seen. Some descriptions I use are ancient, some are archetypical, some are commonly used and some things are just in my opinion.

I will go into that in another blogpost where I start with my understanding of each sign.

(Update: I changed defenitions in a more recent blogpost, Core definitons of the whole)

Integral, Zodiac and Graphics
What I want to compare on this blog and how I will try to do it.

AQAL and Zodiac
First attempt to use words from both theories that I can work with.

Core definitions of the whole
Altering certain words because both theories use the same words for a slightly different concept.

Trying to understand each other
My (current) best choice of words that can compare Integral theory and the Zodiac.


2 Responses to “AQAL and Zodiac”

  1. zak Says:

    hi annemieke, i just read your post on integral and zodiac. i too am working on a never before seen comprehensive 2-d version of a 3-d model. its not particularly aimed at bridging any gaps between integral and astrology (yet, as it is still in the beginning stages and gets more and more complex when i add say, chinese or american indian astrology, or in wilbers terms, periods of communion and agency. if possible would you keep me informed of your work and i will let you know about mine. they are postersize pieces, some color, some black and white, none are finished because ususally when i work on one it points out inconsistencies in another. butwhen i finish one i would be happy to send you a copy. i am by no means into astrolgy per se. i read an astrology book and have always been an artist and suddenly a vision came to me. so if you are interested i am at thank you, zak

    • Annemieke Says:

      Hi Zak, I would love to see your work on this. And I also would love to know how you are working on a 3-d model. But that must be very hard to get across online.

      And indeed, working on it seems to point out inconsistencies all the time. But personally I like to work on it by making it more visible because I get more grip on it that way. Maybe it works like that for you, being and artist, even more so.

      As for using astrology, I can only use it in a very abstract way, without planets and so on because it would become much to complicated and inconsistent.

      By just using the Zodiac and emphasise the individual part in relation to the human development it became a model that I could compare with Integral theory.

      But the biggest problem for me is finding words to cover the concepts. When I use ‘Individual’ in Integral theory it means something different then when I use it with the Zodiac.

      But the reason I still keep trying, is because I think the concepts of the signs can add a depth to each quadrant that gives more grip to understand it.

      As your work might also make it more easy to handle.

      And could you tell me where I can find more about Wilbers terms ‘periods of communion and agency’. Does he mean the human development by that or something else?

      Looking forward to hear how you are working on it. As for myself I am continuing on another weblog:

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