Philosophical Interaction

July 27, 2009

eagleWas I writing about being distracted by interesting websites yesterday, right afterwards I got distracted again. But now by interacting.

Interacting on forums, but also in comments on weblogs. Not just reading as I normally do, but also writing. Starting discussions, leaving comments and react on what others say.

So it made me wonder why I do not do that more often. A while ago I interacted a lot on Gaia, where I visited forums and also had a blog. And there the interaction was quite easy and also very interesting. But then I got totally distracted when I started a new weblog.

This time a selfhosted one about my favourite band Camel. And all my energy got absorbed by finding out how to manage that blog, which was really a lot of work. There was so much to learn, so many things I knew nothing about.

And the subject of my writing also distracted me. Instead of blogging, I just HAD to listen to the music. I just could not stop myself from doing that. And ended up far to much time on Youtube. And on a music forum where I got into really interesting discussions.

And again I just loved that. Discussing subjects I am really interested in. I love to read and write about human emotions, I like it a lot when people just write down what they feel and experience.

But at the same time I like to look at that in a philosophical way. I like to reflect on what happens, but even more so I like mapping, structure my thoughts on it all.

I just love to look at the bigger picture, at what it all means. And reading how others see it and even more so, discussing it.


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