Search beyond the known

July 26, 2009

spaceOne good thing about frustration is that it lets you search beyond the known. While I am trying to get some simple graphics made, I find very interesting new sites.

Among them are sites that have information that I had been wanting to find, all in one place. Like a HTML Quicklist.

Or Tutorial9, a site with very clear tutorials about webdesign, blogs and photography. And on a site that I already visit a lot, Smashing Magazine, I found these really beautiful pictures of space.

And this morning I downloaded Opera, another webbrowser. I already use Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, but came across this one and it really looked good. For one it does open new tabpages easy (I miss that with Firefox), and it has thumbnails on every new page (Chrome also, but it uses the most visited websites) that you can fill with your own choice of websites. Great!

But that is all I found out for now. Because the downside of all that is that I get distracted from my original search. Which is to find out how to make graphics that I can upload on my blog. And If I was trying to make something difficult. But I am not. I just want to make some really very simple coloured blocks with text. That is all!

And making them is not the point. I know now a bit how the different programs work and slowly can get done what I want. But the problem is in uploading. When I want to find the map where it should be stored, I can not find it back.

I am beginning to understand it has to do with the different layers I work with or something. If I use just one layer there is no problem and I can find everything back again. But as soon as I use more than one, the problems start. And I just need to use more than one layer to drag around the texts.

Which means that I have to search around some more, to find out how to do that. And in the meantime I might find some more interesting sites. And get even mored distracted.


2 Responses to “Search beyond the known”

  1. I can never stick to anything. I’m completely controlled by whim. I love to bounce from thing to thing without a goal or plan. Today my bouncing brought me to you and this excellent post I completely understand. How can you ever discover anything new if you just follow your own tastes all the time? It’s nice to get lost occasionally and stumble into someone else’s backyard.

  2. Annemieke Says:

    Very true, it is indeed impossible to discover anything new if you just follow your own taste. But although I do not always need a goal or plan or context, (I really love the title of your blog ‘out of context’) I do need to give it all a context myself. And I just love mapping and theorising.

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