Lazy Cook

July 25, 2009

salade9While I am still struggling with the graphics (had something done in Paintnet yesterday, all went well until I wanted to upload it on my blog) I was thinking about dinner. Also important of course, but to be honest, I hate cooking. Well, hating is maybe a bit to strong, but I do not like it. Thinking about what to eat, day after day, I just don’t like it.

So as with everything I do not like, it never stays in my mind. I just can not seem to alter my thoughts on it. And I mostly take the easy way out.

Like salads. I buy salad and buy something else to mix it with and that is it.

And I hardly eat meat, but cooking an alternative is to much trouble. So I cook meat for the others and I eat the rest but mostly not the meat. I do not call myself a vegetarian, because now and than it is easier to eat things that have a little meat in it, like soup or something like that.

I have been doing that for a few years now and I am really happy with it. But sometimes I think that I might not get all the right vitamins and minerals. So every now and then I try to think of how to get them in my meals.

So today I bought that salad and home again there was nothing much in my kitchen to mix it with. And I did not want to go back to the supermarket.

But then I thought about what my mother in law often says when she talks about making a salad, but what I was mostly to lazy to do. Use the yellow of the hard boiled egg, add some vinegar, some salt and sugar and a bit of onion and mix that through the salad.

So now, having done that sooner than going to the supermarket again, I did that. I tasted some already and wow, that was good. And not only that, I also get some alternative for meat at the same time.

Very rewarding now and then, to think about what has to be done anyway. And next time I might add some oil, that also seems an important ingredient. But I will think about that another time.


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