Integral, Zodiac and Graphics

July 24, 2009

163So, I am starting to like writing, and trying to do it daily now. But I can not start yet so much with what I intended for this blog. I wanted to use little graphics to go with the posts so that I can make myself more clear.

The main subject of my thoughts these last years was about human development. I always found that a most interesting subject, but for a while now it has become more concrete. I studied homeopathy and astrology very intense and have been reading a lot from Ken Wilber recently.

Well, that is to say not his books (although I read some of them partly years ago), but online on discussion forums, blogs and critics of his thinking. And I was fascinated to see the enormous similarity with astrology.

I saw the similarity with astrology already with homeopathy and I have been working on that for years now. Not the normal homeopathy so much, but more the homeopathy that uses all elements of the Periodic table.

And not the popular astrology so much, but more the archetypical character of the Zodiac. They both are very similar although it is not so visable on a superficial level, and needs a broader perspective.

So I found that perspective in the works of Ken Wilber. And I want to use that in combination with what I have been working on before. But to do so I desperately need to be able to use graphics.

I managed to get a Zodiac done before, which can be used as a model. But I could not use it the way I want enough, because I did not know how to drag and change things. But I am getting better at it now. Finally!

Integral, Zodiac and Graphics
What I want to compare on this blog and how I will try to do it.

AQAL and Zodiac
First attempt to use words from both theories that I can work with.

Core definitions of the whole
Altering certain words because both theories use the same words for a slightly different concept.

Trying to understand each other
My (current) best choice of words that can compare Integral theory and the Zodiac.


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  1. OMG enjoyed reading this article. I added your rss to my google reader!!

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