Impulsive Writing

July 23, 2009

GlobeI have just been reading some tips from very good topbloggers that blog about blogging. That is a whole lot of blog in one line, but I can’t help it, I am totally fascinated by the subject at the moment.

A few months back I joined the ’31 days to build a better blog’ from Problogger. But it was just before I was leaving home for a few months. That was set at the end of April, so I thought I still could join the course.

But the course started a week later and I was so busy planning for my trip that I did not get very far. So I only managed to do a few of the daily tasks. Which was already very interesting and I learned a lot.

When I was away those months I also kept a blog. I wrote about the journey, supporting a group of runners who wanted to run through Europe, (from the south of Italy to the north of Norway) with the ultimate goal of reaching the Northcape.

While writing that blog, I more and more enjoyed the writing itself. I never liked writing a lot, but strangely enough I love blogging. Actually it did not really feel like writing, more like telling what I was doing.

More like an extended version of Twitter actually, which I also love as a medium. Especially the instant character of it.

Now some of the tips I read from those topbloggers where really very good. And a few of them where talking about all kind of structure. Structure in the blog layout, structure in the timescale of blogging and structure in the content itself.

While reading that I thought, okay I already am very much inclined to do all that. I love it when there is a clear structure, especially when I managed to structure something myself in line with what I want.

Another thing that they thought was important is to write about interesting subjects that you are passionate about. Also no problem. I have a lot I am passionate about, I even tend to be obsessed now and then.

But I do have a problem with the writing itself. Finding words to say what I mean to say. And while writing most of the blogs I did so far, it was very much a struggle to get it done.

Which was not so with the travelblog (found here but it is in Dutch) where I did not think so much but much more instantly wrote things down.

So instead of doing the 31 day challenge of becoming a better blogger, I thought that before I start that again, it might be a much better plan to do the challenge of writing one post every day.

Just force myself to write every day. Just write what I think about and not with any plan or structure, but just write it down. Just type my thoughts down as soon as they arise.

A whole new experience, although I have no trouble doing so when speaking. But writing is something totally different.


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