Trial and Error

July 21, 2009

obsession1So, it is becoming more and more clear. All the work I spend on developing a website, all the drawings I made, all the grafics, texts, carefully mixed colours, navigation, all that is impossible to use on any other program I want to work with.

I have been working with a program that was called Studio Webdesign especially made for people like me, not familiar with webdesign but determined to make a website myself.

And it worked. I got better and better with it. Trying things again and again until I got what I wanted. The website became how I had meant it to be.

But right from the start there was this thing with finding something on my computer. As long as I stayed within the programm there was no problem, but when I wanted to save something in another folder or anything like that, there was nothing to find.

And the problems became even bigger when I started blogging. I came to use WordPress and like with the webdesign program I just started and tried things out until I got what I wanted. And managed to get a very comprehensive weblog with good linking to my website.

Until the moment my attention got to other subjects and other weblogs, and even got to host a WordPress blog myself. But at this moment I wanted to start another one where I just want to clear my thoughts and did not want to get distracted to much.

So now I started a weblog where I want to use some little grafics and most of them are already on my website.

But I can not use them!

There is no way that I can upload something from there on my blog. So I have to find another program that is capable of making those images.

At the moment I am comparing PaintNet and Gimp, both free to use but powerful design programs. But also completely different than what I was used to.

So very frustrating to get something done like moving things around, which was easy on my old programme, but impossible to find out how to do it on these two.

Most likely also easy…… if you know how to do it!


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