Visualising Thoughts

July 20, 2009

developmentalsAlthough I am no writer (it takes forever to find the right words) I totally love blogging. For me it is more or less a registration of where I am fascinated about at that moment.

I have several blogs and I found out that my main interest is in human development. And that is what I want to write about for a month, hopefully supported by some images (trying out paint programmes) to express my thoughts better.

I found out that for me the best way to write down my thoughts is by adding a picture or image or something that expresses what I mean.

One way to do that, is by searching for a picture on the web. But that is very time consuming and distracting (spending to much time on interesting websites) and most of all, it does not always provide what I am looking for.

Another way, and one that I like a lot, is by making a little grafic. I did so a while ago and made a whole website that way. I used a program called ‘Studio Webdesign’ and was able to play around with that a lot.

But somehow it did not work with other webdesign like blogs. And more and more I was discovering the world of blogging these past months.


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